Daniela Black (hey_nena) wrote,
Daniela Black

today is not a good day to be "cursed"

2nd day of a late period. i'm very uncomfortable and irritable.

I'm sort of freaking out but trying really hard not to show it in my easily emotional state/condition.

so... if i did or did not mention it before, my mom took my short-circuited computer to this shop to get repaired. that was feb.

everything was fine. i went with her to the shop. left a deposit--which was practically the entire balance. my mom called after a couple of weeks and the dude was like, oh i just need one more week.

well that's turned into weeks. she tried stopping by the shop but it was always closed. she tried calling and the number was disconnected. she called and called his cell phone but would only get voicemail. so she left message after message.

she went to the shop today and the shop is closed and has a 'for rent' sign in the window.

she asked the neighbors...she talked to the building owner... no one knows anything.

my mom's a total mess.

so far i'm out $200 and my computer...my life...is currently gone.

i don't know what to do.

i tried their email and it bounced back to me.

i googled/zaba searched/myspace'd this dude, the shop, both phone numbers...

i looked up the bbb and i'm thinking of walking up to their offices tomorrow on my lunch break.

what else can i do?

my mom's looking into tracking the dude down with a private investigator like she's chuck bass and shit.

does anyone have any suggestions? advice? referrals for hackers/leg breakers that can track this guy down?

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