Daniela Black (hey_nena) wrote,
Daniela Black

random nonsense

Its NKOTB Day! ...in the state of MA but who cares? This is an officially sanctioned Blockhead holiday.

We have this thing at work were if we donate $1 to charity, we can wear a "logo'd" shirt on Friday. It was initially so people could represent their favorite sports teams but they expanded it to music, art, etc. So guess what I'm doing today?

If you guessed that I'm pulling an Aaron Gillespie like in my icon and wearing a NK shirt to work then you get a high-five!

I'm anticipating dying of cramps later.

I'm supposed to go to Boystown tonight with Tito and Pete. My fiance and my lover. Hahaha. But right now I'm already feeling tired so I dunno if I'm gonna be up for it at all.

Tomorrow I'm going to see baysideisacult. I'm so effing stoked for that!

Got paid yesterday. I technically worked for 8 days but I had 88.25 hours on my check! Whaaaaat?!

What else? Twitter jacked up my profile page but I think its working now.

Oh aaaaaaand I *still* don't have a Facebook.

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