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I'm rusty [11 Apr 2009|11:49am]
So I'm already having issues with this strictly typing thing I'm doing with this story.

The parts I did have written down I just realized were messed up. I have an intro that's in first person from the OFC's POV. Then chapter one opens up in third person which quickly switched back to first person and I didn't even notice. I think chapter two is entirely in first person but then we get to chapter three I caught myself switching again. And chapter three is pretty hefty. And I'm also thinking of scrapping the chapters and combining them all into one but is (est.)4,000 words too much for one chapter in fanfic?

Arg. I don't know what to do. I like the idea of this story being told in first person BUT there's elements of the story some characters wouldn't know about so they need to be told in third person. I guess I could try to be more conscious of the fact and have chapters from both perspectives but that might be too confusing. I'm not trying to be Wlliam Faulkner here!

I like wrote all day yesterday. And of course in typical fashion I had to make it personal. I don't know how else to write. Its like therapy. Once again I've ended up looking inside myself and I just had to sprinkle myself into the characters and so far only 4 have been introduced. That's only half. Haha.

What am I thinking? This project is massive and has a lot of hype to live up to. I hope I don't buckle. The problem is, I don't have enough confidence in my abilities. And my brain works too fast for my fingers so I'm sure I'm going to miss details.

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writers/fanfic readers [10 Apr 2009|08:49pm]
So I've been writing today on my new fancy laptop. I really hunkered down on this story and I'm into my 2nd chapter. About 2,000 words total so far. It's a fic idea I originally had like 8 years ago that involved the boys of *nsync. And well now... it's going to be a My Chem story. I'm really excited about it.

I need a good beta cuz my writing's not so good without some good polishing. Its gonna get pretty effed up so it has to be someone who's not squimish either. Haha.

Any takers?

I usually write then type but this time I went straight to typing. Weird. I hope I can get through the story and that it doesn't suck. I already have some scenes in my head but I'm afraid I won't be able to connect the dots.

...so nervous.
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and now it's time...to lip synch FOR.YOUR.LIFE! [31 Mar 2009|09:07pm]
"Nina Flowers is now your friend on Myspace"

Come on, Ongina. What's taking you so long?

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when he's not being crazy... [29 Mar 2009|02:45pm]
Sometimes I think we could be friends.


But not really.

Some artists are best kept on whatever pedalstool they may be on.

...although, I still can't believe he had no idea who William Beckett was. Really?
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icon request [28 Mar 2009|06:05pm]
Can someone make me an icon of the picture chris posted in his journal today?

My poor baby.


Thanks in advance.
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calling all the fob fans on my flist [09 Mar 2009|11:22am]
Today's post might be of interest to you. I know its got me all nostalgic and ya'll know how I feel about FOB nowadays...


This is a great post and even made me squee on the inside and got me all mushy. Maybe I'll even add my own comment later or just do a post here.

Actually, I just might start doing such a thing with the bands I love.

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random [16 Feb 2009|11:38pm]
Who knew Anberlin had like 4 music videos?
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damn you "new edition" [10 Feb 2009|02:08pm]
I know entirely too much Lady GaGa/Pussycat Dolls/Danity Kane/Britney Spears/Beyonce....

I totally blame the gays.

...but yet I'm the weirdo becuase I love New Kids on the Block and go on tour?
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more updates pt 2 [09 Feb 2009|09:10pm]
Where did I leave off?

...scary eye!

Depending on the weather newdaydawning and dreamtrance will come for a visit next weekend!

My fiance Tito might be having a party as well.

Posse anniversary is Feb 16th. 10 YEARS on that date I met Joe McIntyre on his first solo radio press tour and I posted my phone number on some mailing lists and that night ladymissdiva called me, we talked for like 5-6 hours and New Kids Chicago Posse's online birth happened. Me and smc1996 want to have a get together but it's damn near impossible to get people to agree on a day. Much rather, even reply. Elle's volunteered to make us dinner and hopefully sneak some videos in there.

I'm technologically challenged and cannot seem to get my laptop set up. I can't sign onto my modem. Waaaaah. I'm a fumbling senior citizen with a Nokia cell phone from 2001! Sean said it's a shame I "live in Wisconsin" cuz he'd help me. I told him to come on a Sat morning. He said he'd leave on a Fri night. I got excited and said we'd have a sleep over. Then he dropped the punch line: he'd get there on Saturday morning!

Saturday me and Amanda met up with Le Gays aka New Edition aka Menudo aka Ricky, Tito, Sean @Bobby Loves to go to this charity event where kiltern dressed up in drag and performed 2 songs. Tito brought his new friend Pete who is an absolute cutie. I let him touch my boobs. And I think he nipped my neck. I wasn't even drunk! Dammit! I need to hook up my laptop so I can post pictures! Tito was all biting on my neck and having a field day with my boobs. But that's like...all the time. I met this dude, Ricky aka Ricky-Duece. He dances for the Chicago Rush so if anyone wants to go to a game (cuz I don't know shit about football) he'll totally hook me up. And speaking of hook ups...kiltern's "mama" is a fierce queen who POSSIBLY will hook me up with her tickets for the Gabby's or is it Grabby's? Anywho, it's the Chicago Oscars of gay porn. I'm sort of stoked.

I love cuddling with my babes. I went home smelling like mixed cologne and smoke and sweat. UGH. A combination that brought back so many memories. I still smelled it the next morning. I was happy. Now...if we could only get this going with a straight guy life would be all good.
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current randoms [09 Feb 2009|08:56am]
I had my 6 mo review at work like a week and a half ago. Other than rolling in late cuz I'm fat/tired and stop for food/coffee, I'm awesome and have the potential for great things. Duh. I got a 4% raise which is basically $0.50 plus a $200 Performance Bonus. And I'm also getting a retro check next pay day. So I'm looking at about $1,000...

Which I desperately need cuz having my 30th bday party put a solid dent in my savings (after all the $$$ I spent on NKOTB, go figure. THIS effed me up.) and I used the money in my checking to pay my Feb bills except my cell phone. AND I know I still owe ladymissdiva like $200.

I bought 3 tix for the NKOTB show in Moline. Me, and probably this girl from work and ??? It's up for grabs. Floor seats during the presale. 20something rows back. Not bad, right?

I think I want to go to Champaign, too.

I'm getting new glasses--which are ready--but I don't want to pick them up because I still have a $140something balance on them. The lenses kill me every time since I get the thinner lenses, anti-reflective, x-ray vision...you know, all the bells and whistles.

Still talking to Lunchbox.

Did I even tell you guys how effed up my eye was because I got trashed on my bday? Basically I had my first really bad hangover in like, a decade, the morning after my party cuz we went to the bar after. I threw up a few times and busted a blood vessel in my left eye. It was disgusting. But it's officially clear as of Saturday. HA. A MONTH LATER.

Oh. Time to run to work. Pt 2 later...
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ATTN my music lovin' pals [02 Feb 2009|06:45pm]
Who's heard of the band called Farewell?

What kind of band are they? Who would they tour with? Who do they sound like?

Apparently they've been/are recording their new record in a "suburb" near my house. Like...10 minutes away. For real. Anyway, they're asking peeps to show up to the studio on Saturday to do some gang vocals. They might be looking for a chick for a duet part.

I think I'm gonna go. How effin' cool would that be? Except I'm a little scared. Just from the 2 pics I saw of them, they looked like alt-country beardos in glamour kills t-shirts. =[[[[

Should I do it???
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one last thing before I go to bed since I have jury duty tomorrow [01 Feb 2009|11:39pm]
I didn't even watch the Superbowl for the commercials BUT I did watch the end because I didn't want to miss a second of THE OFFICE.


I seriously laugh non-stop these days when I'm able to catch an episode.

The Silence of the Lambs reference! Hahahahahaha

And so many qoutes tonight!

"I looked really boss in a perm and shoulder pads"

"That's what he said. Get it? GAY!"

"Om! Get in here and sit indien-style like me. Except if you're wearing a dress, then keep your knees together because no one wants to see that."

"You can't die! Barack is the president! Stanley! You're black!"

"Oscar you're gay. Bam roasted. Andy you're gayer than Oscar. Roasted."

Michael: "What flavor ice cream do you want?"
Stanley: "Chocolate."
Michael: "Stanley, racism is over."

"If it was an iPod, it would be a shuffle."

"Meredith, you've slept with so many men you're starting to look like one."

Oh dear, I'm DYING NOW!

Please feel free to add or correct.
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technology is not my friend [01 Feb 2009|11:14pm]
So my computer like, short-circuited a couple months ago... and I've put off getting it looked at.

Well...yesterday my mom bought me this:

I'm trying to set this all up. I absolutely love it.

I can use the touch screen instead of the dumb little pad on the keyboard. OR use a pen...cuz I can convert the screen to a writing tablet. There's even a freaking tiny remote control for when I'm watching a dvd or listening to music or going through my pictures. AND I'm so stoked that Mahjong is on there!

So I bought a wireless router but I guess I can't set it up unless my original computer works. I guess I have to connect directly to my modem in the meantime?

Ugh. I wish I knew more about computers. I need help. Basically, I need someone to do this shit for me. Ha.
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who's going on tour with me and where??? [26 Jan 2009|07:29pm]
tweetersweet, West Coast Chicago Posse tour??

Read Bulletin
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From: New Kids on the Block
Jan 26, 2009 5:35 PM

Thu 4/2/09 Moline, IA
iWireless Center
10am Saturday Jan. 31st

Fri 4/3/09 Columbus, OH
Nationwide Center
10am Saturday Jan. 31st

Sat 4/4/09 Grand Rapids, MI
Van Andel Arena
10am Saturday Jan. 31st

Sun 4/5/09 Champaign, IL
Assembly Hall
10am Saturday Jan. 31st

Mon 4/6/09 Des Moines, IA
Wells Fargo Arena
10am Saturday Jan. 31st

Tue 4/7/09 Green Bay, WI
Resch Center
Noon Saturday Jan. 31st

Thu 4/9/09 Winnipeg, MB
MTS Center
10am Saturday Jan. 31st

Sat 4/11/ 09 Saskatoon, SK
Credit Union Centre
Noon Saturday Jan. 31st

Mon 4/13/09 Kelowna, BC
Prospera Place
10am Saturday Jan. 31st

Tue 4/14/ 09 Victoria, BC
Sav-On Memorial Center
10am Saturday Jan. 31st

Thu 4/16/09 Reno, NV
Reno Events Center

Fri 4/17/09 Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Bowl
11am Saturday Jan. 31st

Sat 4/18/09 Los Angeles, CA
10am Saturday Jan. 31st

TIX AVAIL @http://nkotb.com/tour AND http://www.livenation.com/artist/new-kids-on-the-block-tickets/
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I think I'm transitioning into an old, jaded "scene" person so some new band better amaze me soon [25 Jan 2009|09:16pm]
So I was watching mtv2 last night. Rock the Duece.

I don't "get" the new FOB video. Then again. I hate to admit this because sometimes I still get excited about something they do, but I'm "over" it. Which makes me SO SO sad because I can still remember being stoked and so proud when they signed to a major and they started appearing on tv, etc. We went to the Fuse taping--actually I ended up getting floor seats because they released the rest of the tix in the afternoon. Did they show me and Chippies? We said we were going to be the one shot of the "elitist" crowd standing there looking bored. I say it every time I go see FOB. The old crowd is so few and far between. The audience was so young. And "Chicago is so Two Years Ago" just isn't the same. Yes. I'm being snob. I miss "Take This To Your Grave." I miss only being mildly annoyed with La Wentz but still thinking he was hot. Am I the only person not stoked at all about their tour? I will never see them again in a venue that holds more than 3,000. I just can't. There's too much of a disconnect.

Please, fp. Don't ever reveal too much of the man behind the curtain with Good Charlotte. I would be beyond devastated. Any other band, whatever. But I still have these guys on a tiny pedalstal.

And speaking of GC (like 5 hours later. I'm drunk....), I also saw Escape the Fate. O.M.G. I thought those dude were un-ironically funny BEFORE.... their new singer has a pretty voice--for a 12 yr old mexican kid. But those clothes... (dcma shirts included) and then TONY LOVATO! Tony, however, does not stab anyone at the end.

Ok I need to finally end this post cuz I'm fdrunk. Again. And none of this will make sense later.
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what's with not sleeping in long enough this weekend? [25 Jan 2009|10:46am]
Don't you know I was looking forward to it all week long since last weekend was so stressful with my birthday and all?

So... I've been up since 8:30. I'm hungry. I'm currently in my old hood. Then I'll be on my way to Skokie to hang at Old Orchard then go to a graduation party at some swank bar over there.

Is that the mall they went to in Mean Girls? I'm kinda scared. Old white rich people are going to ignore me. Awesome! I tried "dressing up." Basically that means I haave my black skinny jeans on with my black faux-doc marten Mudd shoes.

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this is my current theme song [24 Jan 2009|05:21pm]
Maria calls me her "Babymomma"
Sean calls me his "Babydaddy"
Tito calls me "Finon'ce" as in fiance
Jacon calls me "mija", "mami", "sweetie", "sunshine", "peanut", "lambchop"...

So I live at work, so peeps there call me a "big ballin' ass hustler", "big balla', shot calla'." And I play along as my new credo is "makin' it rain in da club!" I make it rain, make it rain!

So I heard this song on the radio while I was getting ready for work and its my new theme song:

Got Money Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Song: Got Money
Artist: Lil Wayne
Featuring: T-Pain
Track Number: 4
Album: Tha Carter III

Print    Correct

Lil Wayne Got Money Lyrics

Got Money by Lil Wayne T-Pain

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
I need a Winn-Dixie
Grocery bag full of money
Right now to the VIP section (wosh, wosh, wosh)
You got Young Mula
In the house tonight baby
Young! (wosh)
Young! (wosh)
Young! (wosh)
Young Mula Baby!
[Chorus: T-Pain + Lil Wayne]
Got money (yeah)
And you know it
Take it out your pocket and show it (then)
Throw it (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way
Gettin' mug
From everybody who see that
Hang over the wall of the VIP
Like (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way
[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Now I was bouncing through the club
She loved the way I did it but
I see her boyfriend hatin' like a city cop
Now I ain't never been a chicken but my fitty cocked
Say I ain't never been a chicken but my semi cocked
Now where your bar at?
I'm tryna rent it out
And we so bout it bout it
Now what are you about?
DJ show me love
He say my name when the music stop
Young Money Lil Wayne
Then the music drop
I make it snow
I make it flurry
I make it out alright tomorrow don't worry
Young Wayne on them hoes
A.K.A. Mr. Make It Rain On Them Hoes (Young Money)
[Chorus: T-Pain + Lil Wayne]
Got money (yeah)
And you know it
Take it out your pocket and show it (then)
Throw it (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way
Gettin' mug
From everybody who see that
Hang over the wall of the VIP
Like (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way
[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Here we go one for the money
Two for the show
Now clap your hands if you got a bank roll
Like some clap on lights in this bitch
I be clapping all night
In this bitch (uhh hun)
Lights off (uhh hun)
Man it's on (uhh hun)
She saw me (uhh hun)
She smiling (yeah)
He muggin'
who cares, cause my goons are right here
Its nothin to a big dog
And I'm a Great Dane
I wear eight chains
I mean so much ice
They yell skate Wayne!
She wanna f**k Weezy
But she wanna rape wayne (uhh hun)
[Chorus: T-Pain + Lil Wayne]
Got money (yeah)
And you know it
Take it out your pocket and show it (then)
Throw it (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way
Gettin' mug
From everybody who see that
Hang over the wall of the VIP
[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
It's Young Wayne on them hoes
A.K.A. Mr. Make It Rain On Them Hoes
Like ehhhh!
Everybody say Mr. Rain man
Can we have a rainy day?
Bring a umbrella
Please bring a umbrella
Ella, ella, ella ehhh!
Bitch ain't shit but a hoe in a trick
Bet you no one ain't trick if you got it
You know we ain't f**king if you not thick
And I cool your ass down if you think you're hot shit
So rolex watch this
I do it 4 5 6 my click
Clack goes the black hoe pimp
And just like it I blow that shit
Cause bitch I'm the bomb like
Tick tick
[Chorus: T-Pain + Lil Wayne]
Got money (yeah)
And you know it
Take it out your pocket and show it (then)
Throw it (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way
Gettin' mug
From everybody who see that
Hang over the wall of the VIP
Like (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way
[Outro: Lil Wayne]
It's Young Wayne on them hoes
A.K.A. Mr. Make It Rain On Them Hoes
Young Wayne on them hoes
Make a stripper fall in love
T-Pain on them hoes
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so much to post but this is fp help [23 Jan 2009|08:58am]
Um so if you've been living under a rock, the New Kids are doing a Spring B-market Tour.

sat 3-7 hidallgo tx
mon 3-9 tulsa ok
tues 3-10 bossier city la
thurs 3-12 ft meyers fl
fri 3-13 orlando
mon 3-16 nashville
tues 3-17 greenville sc
thurs 3-19 baltimore
fri 3-20 hershey pa
sun 3-22 erie pa
wed 3-25 portland maine
sat 3-28 niagra falls ny
sun 3-29 london ontario
mon 3-30 ottowa ontario
tues 3-31 manchester nh

tx goes on sale 1-26 @ 10am
all dates between oklahoma and portland go on sale at 1-24
the last 4 are on sale 1-23

Now I just read that they added April 2nd in Moline but Ticketmaster removed the page. I'm thinking of going to Florida--cuz hi, I love winter but a little break would be astounding. Um, how far apart are these Florida cities? Or should I just stick with Orlando and see what other midwest cities they add? Because....yes.
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in other news... [16 Jan 2009|03:51pm]
So, um, if you missed the other references in this LJ or my measly bulletin on lamespace, I'm having a 30th bday party.

I have a million things STILL to do before then.

I had these custom votive holders made. They came in the mail last night. Frosted glass with purple old english print and a smiling skull and cross bones. Hahaha. I really want shot glasses with pink brass knuckles but the earliest I could have gotten them was the 22nd.

Most of my friends will be there. Including 2 of my work crushes. You guys will get to see the 20 yr old aka the red mohawk guy.

My cake is supposed to be decorated to look like a concert ticket. Let's hope the bakery doesn't fuck it up.

I'm having an accessories table so my guests can "punk-it-up" with colored hair clip-ons, temp tattoos, hipster scarves, pins, bracelets, etc. I tried to find candy cigarettes so people could roll them up in their sleeves all Greaser about it but alas my search was unsuccessful.

I want to cut up my t.oro shirt and turn it into an off the shoulder thing so I can make a chest piece from the temp tattoos but I'm scared of ruining it. Suggestions?

Last night I got my first gift from newdaydawning and dreamtrance. They ordered from my amazon wishlist. "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" book, "Dream a Little Dream" dvd and "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band" cd.

(OMG, as a total aside: the 20 yr old just came up to me and showed me his new tattoo--he gets one like every couple weeks! It's a punx my little pony! I effing loved it. The pony was green with purple hair, a stitched up neck...the word "punx" on one of it's legs... I'll have to take a picture of it or something.)

There was something else...oh I just remembered but it's depressing. I'll save that for later, I guess...
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so does this make me certifiably crazy now? [16 Jan 2009|03:22pm]
There a million things I've read on my friends page that I want to comment on but right I just need to get this out.

Tomorrow is my 30th mirthday. I'm having this big ta-da which has added to my stress that I already get from work. But I've been fine, you know?

Well today I feel like I'm just made of fail and though I'm getting things done I'm a wreck on the inside.

So I know I've mentioned twice before how I've had episodes of one gigantic mood swing that just overwhelms me and it makes me want to cut myself. I'm having one of them right now.

My chest feels like when I'm heart broken and the center of my chest aches and I just want to cry horribly.


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