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last ditch effort [26 Aug 2009|09:52pm]
So Good Charlotte is playing at a baseball field in Ft Wayne Indiana on Saturday (with Metro Station and Cobra Starship and some other bands).

Months ago I bought tix on a whim because hey, it's Indiana. Its not that far...and my cousin will probably be down for going.

Well uh... flights are pretty redic priced. The closest Amtrak station is 30 min away from Ft Wayne--which isn't that big a deal. There's a Greyhound that goes directly there but after the return ride of doom from Moline, I'd rather not. But either way, ground transportation basically only runs once a day to/from.

But that's not my problem.

My cousin told me she isn't up for travelling. There's no one else to chaperone me. I could beg my mom but when I originally told her I got these tickets she didn't seem too happy. Her words were a dry, "who's going with you?"

So basically, help LJ? I'd post over at ~gc_pics but I'm on my Sidekick and have no pic to post with my request.

I have the tickets. I'll pay for gas money/transportation and hotel. There's a Hilton nearby which I'll guess they're gonna stay at.

Why do I do this to myself?

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help! [09 Jul 2009|11:24pm]
I have an extra ticket for No Doubt on Saturday.

It'll be, moms & smc1996.

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my periods over so why do I feel like this? [02 Jul 2009|09:02pm]
I'm generally unhappy.

"And it always seems those little things, they take the biggest part of me, break down, I'm breaking down, I'm breaking down..".
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waaaaaah old age [12 Jun 2009|08:48am]
So I took this pic of my hair this morning. Mind you, I haven't cut or colored my hair since the end of October...


I still have 2 boxes of black dye in my bathroom and enough bleach for one more job. And then I started entertaining the thought of after this, just doing black all over except for my "jobeth williams at the end of poltergeist"/stacey london grey streak on the left front of my hair.

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myspace bulletin [03 Jun 2009|07:14pm]
LFO is back together.
LFO is going on tour.
July 9 – Atlanta
July 10 – West Columbia, SC
July 11 – Akron, OH
July 13 - Boston
July 14 – Poughkeepsie, NY
July 17 – Phili
July 18 – NYC
July 21 – Allentown, PA
July 22 – Syracuse
July 23 – VA Beach
July 25 - Orlando
More dates confirming daily.
All tickets include a meet & greet with LFO. There are a very limited amount of VIP tickets available for each show which includes sound check access, time with us on our bus, and backstage access where available. Details for all shows can be found under our Upcoming Shows section of our Myspace Page.
We are VERY excited to get back out there with you guys.
More news to come.
Much Love,

P.S. tweetersweet the actual name of that O-Town song is "I Thowed Her"
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she loves hip hop and rock n roll, her dad took off when she was 4 yrs old... [01 Jun 2009|11:36am]
...she loves fundip and cherry coke, I love the way she laughs when I tell a joke...

Uuuugh. I forgot to save and paste the link from absolute punk but uh...anyone else interested in a LFO reunion???

I'm fer serious.

I'm even following those kids on damn twitter.

Now can we get o-town back together???
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the last bandwagon... [25 May 2009|10:10pm]
So this morning my cousin alma signed me up for facebook. I dunno what my link is but if you know my real name then I guess you can find me.

Oh shame...

P.S. Twitter.com/hey_nena
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traveling fool [22 May 2009|10:47pm]
So Wednesday I hopped on the best Amtrak ever to Milwaukee. I bought a black and white striped sweater top, black wedges and a Pabst Blue Ribbon magnet. Oh, and then I saw anBerlin (or as my cousin is convinced I'm saying, anne boehlyn) and taking back sunday.

Aside from the sound guy fumbling a few times, and the speakers cranked up too loud it was a solid show. I rocked out and sang out loud until my jaw ached.

I'm so proud of anberlin. When did they get so popular??? Haha But then need to rethink their merch designs.

TBS was really good, too. Adam Lazzara is crazy. Haha. I didn't know how I was gonna feel about them minus Fred aka "the old guy that screams". Cuz aside from adam--which is a given--there were 2 other dudes in tbs: fred and eddie reyes. Now there's just eddie. But they were real tight. Their sound guy was way better. Still loud--but I think that was a house thing. Why does adam talk like a southern minister during their set when he's from Long Island, NY??? (...and he's someone's FATHER now--oh gawd, I'll be saying the same thing about Garry--2 R's some time soon!)

So I came back for 1 day of work and I'm supposed to be packing right now but instead I'm posting in LJ. Hahaha

Tomorrow me, my mom and my aunt are flying to des moines to visit my aunt (and alma!) who lives an hour and a half away from there in Fort Dodge. We're flying american airlines...hope the pilots not drunk. =[ I'll be back Monday night.

Then Tues I'm going to my first yeah yeah yeahs show!!!! And I'll be seeing nine inch nails later this week for the first time, too.

Its a week of firsts! How virginal. Wah wah.

Anywho, I'll be in the middle of nowhere this weekend so I might not have phone service. Don't get mad if don't reply to an email or text. Besides, I'll be busy visiting home-made meth labs, tipping cows and hanging out at walmart.
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oh danny... [18 May 2009|06:48pm]
10 years ago I knew some people who would have had a field day with some of the comments below...

When the New Kids on the Block boarded a ship for the Bahamas on Friday, they were joined by 2,000 excited fans for a three-night cruise. "I don't know what we were thinking," jokes Donnie Wahlberg. "We have nowhere to run if it gets out of hand."
Sitting on the Promenade Deck before the ship departed from Miami, all five New Kids – Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood and Donnie – shared their aquatic rules with PEOPLE.
Manscaping Is a Must
There's nothing wrong with a bit of personal grooming. While four of the New Kids said they prefer to be natural, Danny Wood admits to a bit of shaving and tweezing. "Yeah, I manscape," he says. "You've got to look good in a swimsuit. I live down here and I'm always at the beach, so it's kind of a must for me."
No Speedos or Mankinis
When asked which one of them packed a speedo, the other four members shout "Danny!" But Danny says his swimsuit won't be that revealing: " John Mayer may get away with a mankini, but the rest of us can't."
"What's a mankini?" Donnie asks.
"It's like a speedo with suspenders, but all one piece," explains Joey.
Keep Your Friends Close
If the ship were sinking and there weren't enough seats in the lifeboat, who would go down with the ship? "I'd give up my seat for these guys," says Wahlberg. "I'd do it in a heartbeat."
"I don't have kids," argues Jonathan, "so you can have my seat."
"I'd like to think I'd do that," says Joey, "but I have a little baby at home. So maybe I'd be the one to step all over everyone else to get in the boat."
Have a Plan for Being Shipwrecked
If the ship sets ground on the shore of an uncharted desert isle, the New Kids would all step into various Gilligan's Island -inspired roles.
"Jon would be the professor," says Danny. "He could build the huts. And Joey would be Mr. Howell, dressed up in a dinner jacket."
The rest of the guys think they're more like the Skipper, except for Jordan who admits, "I never watched Gilligan's Island enough to know what you're talking about."
"None of us are Gilligans," says Danny. "There are a couple of Gilligans in the Backstreet Boys, though."
"The problem is that there are no Gingers or Mary Anns," says Joey. "We've definitely got to have them on the island."
The three-day cruise, which is full of 2,000 Gingers and Mary Anns, by the way, concludes Monday. After the New Kids disembark, they'll return home to prepare for the kickoff of their summer tour, beginning in Atlanta on May 28.

Danny, Danny, Danny (to qoute that McIntyre kid)... so uh, does that mean my fantasy BSB/NKOTB co-headlining tour aint gonna work out?
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all random [07 May 2009|08:52am]

Hahahahahaha this blog entry had me DYING. Especially the Perez Hilton-esque pictures that accompany the post.

I did some online shopping at midnight so I'm tired now. Can that also be my excuse if the gray leopard print and purple Tripp skinnys I bought from Torrid.com are ugly in person???

Why aren't there any cute tops anywhere?!
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[06 May 2009|09:55pm]
Happy Birthday Today to smc1997!!! I can't believe I've known this lady for a decade! We're going to be senior citizens together STILL going to NKOTB and BSB concerts! I love you, Elle!

And Happy Birthday TOMORROW to handsomedevil. If you ever come to Chicago, we must tear it up with my harem. They need meet an actual classy broad like you!
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oh dear... [28 Apr 2009|12:35am]
I finally watched the Twisted Helena video....

I guess it works and all BUT...

I still sent a Tweet to Garry--2 R's and Mikey apologizing for it! LOL

If anything gets said about it, let me know! Since Twitter only half ass works for me. Nothing is sending to my phone and it ate my icon.
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is this really their new single since "2am" bombed? [24 Apr 2009|09:51pm]

From what can gather, either Donnie or Joe called it "twisted helena". It's the new kids song played over the helena/mcr video. I'm intriged to watch it when I eventually get home.

(I worked 9am-8pm!!!!)

And Helena is the shizz. I still love when that song starts up Three Cheers. And the video? Forget it. Awesome. Marc Webb is one of my fave directors.

Twisted on the other hand... well, we just recently discussed that song didn't we?

Obviously I'm not in Boystown and I clearly am not going. Bummer. But Wednesday is Ricky's bday and next Saturday we're gonna go paintballin' and then prolly have a partaaay at Tito's.

Get stoked.
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random nonsense [24 Apr 2009|08:48am]
Its NKOTB Day! ...in the state of MA but who cares? This is an officially sanctioned Blockhead holiday.

We have this thing at work were if we donate $1 to charity, we can wear a "logo'd" shirt on Friday. It was initially so people could represent their favorite sports teams but they expanded it to music, art, etc. So guess what I'm doing today?

If you guessed that I'm pulling an Aaron Gillespie like in my icon and wearing a NK shirt to work then you get a high-five!

I'm anticipating dying of cramps later.

I'm supposed to go to Boystown tonight with Tito and Pete. My fiance and my lover. Hahaha. But right now I'm already feeling tired so I dunno if I'm gonna be up for it at all.

Tomorrow I'm going to see baysideisacult. I'm so effing stoked for that!

Got paid yesterday. I technically worked for 8 days but I had 88.25 hours on my check! Whaaaaat?!

What else? Twitter jacked up my profile page but I think its working now.

Oh aaaaaaand I *still* don't have a Facebook.

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bandwagon time: [21 Apr 2009|11:58pm]

add me? i'll add you back.

who should i add?
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today is not a good day to be "cursed" [21 Apr 2009|10:23pm]
2nd day of a late period. i'm very uncomfortable and irritable.

I'm sort of freaking out but trying really hard not to show it in my easily emotional state/condition.

so... if i did or did not mention it before, my mom took my short-circuited computer to this shop to get repaired. that was feb.

everything was fine. i went with her to the shop. left a deposit--which was practically the entire balance. my mom called after a couple of weeks and the dude was like, oh i just need one more week.

well that's turned into weeks. she tried stopping by the shop but it was always closed. she tried calling and the number was disconnected. she called and called his cell phone but would only get voicemail. so she left message after message.

she went to the shop today and the shop is closed and has a 'for rent' sign in the window.

she asked the neighbors...she talked to the building owner... no one knows anything.

my mom's a total mess.

so far i'm out $200 and my computer...my life...is currently gone.

i don't know what to do.

i tried their email and it bounced back to me.

i googled/zaba searched/myspace'd this dude, the shop, both phone numbers...

i looked up the bbb and i'm thinking of walking up to their offices tomorrow on my lunch break.

what else can i do?

my mom's looking into tracking the dude down with a private investigator like she's chuck bass and shit.

does anyone have any suggestions? advice? referrals for hackers/leg breakers that can track this guy down?

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hahaha "THIS" [20 Apr 2009|08:44am]

Yes. Band dudes who walk around with tour laminates are such attention seeking lamers. I've seen it. AT SHOWS that said band dudes are NOT EVEN playing at.

Uh, yeah. Really.

Mikey totally made my day with this.
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siiiiigh [15 Apr 2009|07:47pm]
UGH! I can't HTML!!!

This picture is beautiful.

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I'm so three thousand and eight, you're so two thousand and LATE... [15 Apr 2009|03:25pm]
Or maybe 3,000 and 8 looks better? Whatever.

You know how we used to lovingly joke that "Summer Girls" by LFO was just: a bunch of shit that rhymes?

You know what's a bunch of shit that takes up 3 minutes of radio air time? That stupid new Black Eyed Peas song. It's not even one song. They took like 3 demos and smooshed them together to extend the track listing on whatever album they're going to release. And the sad part is, it's probably going to be a really popular song.

---complaints from The Fuuuutuuuure!
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one of the best.posts.evar. [14 Apr 2009|10:06pm]
I seriously cried then text him and called him a fucker. I don't know if I've ever dug this deep in my journal...maybe come close but maybe not this intense. If you don't want to click I'm reposting it here.

I know I say it every time but this is another reason why I'm a fan and makes me proud to call him a friend.

Taken from:

"Fuck them"

Askheychris.livejournal.com is the personal journal of author Christopher Gutierrez dating back to January of 2004. For more information on Gutierrez's works click here .

14th-Apr-2009 12:54 pm

do you ever feel as if the best moments have passed?
that the best is behind you?
that friends, jobs, health and opportunities
get shittier and thinner each year?

have you ever thought about dying?
not in like an old age or cancer way, but like locking yourself in the garage with the car on, slowly falling asleep in the carbon monoxide?

i have.

ive written my last letters to people. ive thought about where i would do it so the wrong people dont find me. ive thought about what caliber bullet would do the most damage. the angle of trajectory. what would go through my mind if i was falling off of a building, from a bridge, in front of a train. would it hurt? would i feel the pain? who would show up to my funeral? who would be upset that i took my own life? who would resent me? how many peoples days would i ruin? who would respond with a snicker and a sigh? would it make absolutepunk.net?
ive written a will or sorts. where the little money i have would go. who would end up with my transformers. what to do with my clothes and where all of my merch would be distributed. ive gone so far as to write the email with my password information so someone could post on here that i will no longer be around to update.
yes, ive thought these things all my life up to and including recently.

for all the positivity, at the end of the day, i am who i am. just a person.
ups and downs. a past. genes that im tired of fighting.
a lineage of relatives whose blood i cant stand runs through my veins.
and a doctor that says its a chemical imbalance in my brain that makes me feel like this.

there is a struggle in all of us and i know what its like to want to give up. to not feel like this anymore. to feel nothing. to disappear. to forget. to never again have anyone be disappointed in you. to never have to remember those nights when that dark figure snuck into your room. to not have to hide behind password protected words, lonely nights crying ourselves to sleep, punching ourselves in the head, screaming with clenched teeth because we cant stand what we've become.
to forget who made this all possible.
who infected us with their DNA.
who abandoned us without support.

fuck them all. fuck everyone. fuck everyone who never took a second to see who we truly are.
wouldnt it just be the greatest revenge ever to just, you know, leave?

i have thought this on more occasions i care to admit.

so why do i keep it up? why would i continually subject myself to one more day of sunlight and eventual darkness; to the discouragement of unsupportive friends, liars and a family you can never crawl away from? what is it in me that wont let this battery stop running?
because fuck them.

yes, fuck them.

because a bigger fuck you would be to stick around and smile in their faces.
to get beaten up by the daily bullies and get back up for more.
because fuck them.
because for every day i wake up, every day i move forward, every day i make a new friend, a stronger relationship, read a book, find a cause, hug a stranger, write away the pain, comb my hair, breathe in and out and step outside and look up and see a sun... i win.

but see, its not about winning. its about not letting THEM win.
its about realizing that its not our movie, but MY movie. and i get to direct it how i see fit.
for years i allowed the haters in my life dictate the course of my life. now, i sail to where the sun is the brightest. where the kids are the most sincere. where i find support and love. and the only way i know how to be better, to make the days tolerable and to not let them win is by getting up, walking outside, smiling, looking around and saying, "this is my motherfucking movie, and it doesnt end til i say it does."
does it still hurt?
fuck yes.

but im still here.
and you're still here.

and if you're reading this, it means you never gave up.

because you're stronger than they think you are.

because you're stronger than you think you are.

Music: hands down
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