Daniela Black (hey_nena) wrote,
Daniela Black

is this really their new single since "2am" bombed?


From what can gather, either Donnie or Joe called it "twisted helena". It's the new kids song played over the helena/mcr video. I'm intriged to watch it when I eventually get home.

(I worked 9am-8pm!!!!)

And Helena is the shizz. I still love when that song starts up Three Cheers. And the video? Forget it. Awesome. Marc Webb is one of my fave directors.

Twisted on the other hand... well, we just recently discussed that song didn't we?

Obviously I'm not in Boystown and I clearly am not going. Bummer. But Wednesday is Ricky's bday and next Saturday we're gonna go paintballin' and then prolly have a partaaay at Tito's.

Get stoked.
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