Daniela Black (hey_nena) wrote,
Daniela Black

waaaaaah old age

So I took this pic of my hair this morning. Mind you, I haven't cut or colored my hair since the end of October...


I still have 2 boxes of black dye in my bathroom and enough bleach for one more job. And then I started entertaining the thought of after this, just doing black all over except for my "jobeth williams at the end of poltergeist"/stacey london grey streak on the left front of my hair.

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i think the streak in the front would be different but do you really have enough grey in the front? i didn't think you would even have that many. are you trying to age yourself before you time? lol
Have you not seen my horrible roots??? Up front is def a streak. The rest of my grey hairs are completely abdundant and random.
...and LOLing at the 'hi i'm nikki' from random nikki. lol